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1) Town Pound

~1756        Old Forge Road


Right of way on private property; former Old Forge Road connection to Conservation Trail System.

Hampstead Town Pound (from CMP).jpg

2) Old Meeting House

1745          20 Emerson Avenue



The Hampstead Meetinghouse, also once known as Hampstead Town Hall, is a historic meeting house. The core of this dual-purpose (religious and civic) structure was begun in 1749, although its interior was not completely finished until about 1768. It is one of a number of fairly well-preserved 18th-century meeting houses in southeastern New Hampshire, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  There is a Paul Revere Jr. bell in the belfry. (Source: National Register of Historic Places)

Hampstead Meeting House (1995 brochure c

3) Historical Museum

1897          67 Main Street


The former town library is now home to the Hampstead Historical Society.  There is some architectural interest in style of building and the columns out front.

Old Library.JPG

4) Rockingham Recreational Trail System

Depot Road as well as around 550 Main Street

Owned by the State of NH

Trail system from Epping/Fremont area to the Windham area.  Used for ATVs, horses, bikes, and walking.

Rock. Rail Trail.png

5) Ordway Park

Late 1800s          Around 600 Main Street


Park is not for organized sports; features 9/11 Memorial Garden.

Ordway Park (Streetview 2012).png
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